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Diversion Tunnel

  • Kaw Piont Park 1403 Fairfax Trafficway Kansas City, KS, 66115 United States (map)

Time : 11:00 am -1:00 pm  and  2:00pm -4pm  

Location : Meet at the General Information Booth at Kaw Point Park 

Age Range : 7yrs + 

RSVP :  RSVP at 

Description : 

  In 1913, the construction of the Turkey Creek Diversion Tunnel, made it so that the bulk of the watershed preemptively drained into the Kaw, avoiding the floodplain where it once found confluence.  The purpose of this diversion was to allow for the installation of the early 20th century's largest sewer , still in place just south of Kemper Arena.  The Turkey Creek Sewer and the OK Creek Diversion Tunnel are profoundly responsible for the West Bottoms we know today. Join the Turkey Creek Institute and Healthy Rivers Partnership for a unique boat tour on the Missouri River, as we explore the phenomena of flowing water.

The Turkey Creek Institute For Phenomenal Awareness

We seek to raise phenomenal awareness in the public by fostering engagement with Turkey Creek.  Some interesting frameworks for engagement have been photographic archiving, psychogeographic exploration, local histories, and landscape ecology.

The Turkey Creek Institute For Phenomenal Awareness was founded in 2014 by Timothy Amundson. Check out this Phenomenal work and history !

Healthy Rivers Partnership  

Healthy Rivers Partnership is a Non- for- profit, volunteer based organization connecting people to their rivers and rivers to their communities. We host river clean ups, educational events, festivals and restoration projects.