Kansas City Creative Services


The Office of Culture and Creative Services (OCCS) was established in 2015 to lead cultural development efforts for the City of Kansas City, Missouri. The mission of the Office is to serve Kansas City residents by bolstering and catalyzing arts, culture and creativity and by leveraging the arts as a strategy for economic development, neighborhood revitalization, and cultural vitality for its citizens.


Kansas City Design Center

Located in downtown Kansas City, the Kansas City Design Center (KCDC) is a nationally-recognized, nonprofit, partnership among local civic leaders, professional designers, and the architecture and planning programs at Kansas State University and the University of Kansas. The KCDC supports educational initiatives that help build public awareness of the factors that influence the character of the public realm. The KCDC also works to strengthen the educational experience of future design practitioners by engaging university faculty and students with real-world issues facing Kansas City’s built environment.



In the unique environment of the West Bottoms, public space is a part of a composition involving emergent history, connectivity, and mutiplicity. With the phenomenological environment of the industrial everyday and the celebratory pride of a multitude of communities that have found agency in the West Bottoms, this site’s identity could not be more readily found elsewhere.

As both part of the core design team and extensions of the community, the artists bring their individual artistic practices and investigative methods to the design process, using notions of public art to question, “What is public space?”.