A poetic reflection: Cry me a river ,  What the mind forgets the land reclaims


 Jose Faus 

1:00 pm 

General Information Booth at the Corner of 11th and Hickory , West Bottoms 

Age: 12+  

RSVP: Reserve your spot on the bus at  westbottomsreborn.com 


  Drive, walk, imagine and reclaim a past between memories, a meandering river, rambling streets - concrete and metal spans. Bring a lunch for a picnic and talk.

We will take a drive and walk through some areas where scenic views reveal how the city has grown away from the river, the bluffs, and the old civic center - turning back on the waterways. We will picnic in Strawberry Hill Park and talk about what it means to be a river town with no connection to the river, and how to inspire and create the atmosphere that weaves a river back into the civic tapestry.



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