The Disappearance of Turkey Creek 


 The Turkey Creek Institute for Phenomenal Awareness 


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1101 Mulberry St, Kansas City, MO 64101

Age Range : 13 + 

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       Any serious investigation of Kansas City that did not account for the West Bottoms would be woefully incomplete !  The same could be said of any investigation of the West Bottoms that does not account for Turkey Creek.  The histories of these two features are irrevocably intertwined, geologically, geographically, and culturally.  Ironically, in present times, these two bodies no longer interface, at least not in any obvious way.  The Turkey Creek Sewer is profoundly responsible for the West Bottoms we know today, making it possible for a mostly dry floodplain.  It is a phenomenal constant that water flows downhill, though you may find this is no longer an observable event as we explore the Central Industrial District of the West Bottoms.  Join the Turkey Creek Institute for Phenomenal Awareness as we examine this scientific and historical discrepancy.


The Turkey Creek Institute For Phenomenal Awareness

We seek to raise phenomenal awareness in the public by fostering engagement with Turkey Creek.  Some interesting frameworks for engagement have been photographic archiving, psychogeographic exploration, local histories, and landscape ecology.

The Turkey Creek Institute For Phenomenal Awareness was founded in 2014 by Timothy Amundson. Check out this Phenomenal work and history !