Keep Out !  The Pursuit to Catalog Architectural Afterlife

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 Irving Jackelman


 General Information Booth Outside Blip Roasters 

1101 Mulberry St, Kansas City, MO 64101

Ages 18 & Up

Step into the dark side of historical preservation and discover the hidden history of a secret society of exploration. The identity of a city sometimes is lost and forgotten as iconic structures fall by the way side to make room for new expansion. Journey into the shadows as you learn about a unique subculture of historian enthusiastic adventurers and the community at large all over the world. This society aims to uncover the lost mysteries of the past and document the forgotten city, before it is gone. For those who are bold, for those who thirst, for those who don’t always play by the rules, we welcome you.




The Historic Architecture Protection Society (or HAPS) specializes in locating, documenting, protecting, and supporting building restorations or re-purposing. Historical buildings exist all over Kansas City that are often forgotten or lost to our local community. Consequentially those structures uniquely significant stories are often destroyed by vandals or crumble due to lack of care, HAPS is here to document these important spaces before they are gone.